Church of Amanita Red Angels - Secrets of Soma, the Amanita Muscaria Mushroom

Soma Elixir book

Soma Elixir of Heaven: Historical use of Soma-Amanita.
Afraid to take a trip to Paradise?

Sacred Soma Shamans book
The Sacred Soma Shamans book tells you everything you need to know about Amanita mushrooms.

Secrets of Soma DVD
The Secrets of Soma DVD shows you how the Shamans prepare Amanita. (Also on VHS.)

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Amanita Mushroom Pictures

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Harvest Gold

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Golden HarvestHarvest Gold
Sacred Harvest
Harvest GoldHarvest Gold
The triplets: The early years.
Harvest GoldHarvest Gold
The triplets: All grown up.
Golden HarvestHarvest Gold
Thumbs up for Soma!
Golden HarvestHarvest Gold
King Kong Mushroom
Harvest GoldHarvest Gold
Psychedelic Soma

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